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Work for recognized brands, of the most diverse sizes and markets:

Our greatest asset

  • Colégio Abaco
  • Bandeirante Brazmo
  • Burning Hearts Church
  • CarsHQ
  • CIPEL Incorporadora
  • Equerre Construtora
  • FCC Forum
  • HomesHQ
  • Jeronimo da Veiga
  • Lubrin
  • Marba
  • Natrielli
  • Patriani
  • Pixolé Calçados
  • RNI
  • Stéfani Nogueira
  • Women's Impact
  • Yuny Incorporadora

About us

More than 15 years ago, a marketing manager decided to go "behind the counter". Not standing the fact that the analog format of the advertising agencies that would work with him, decided to build his own agency.

That was before Google's IPO, before Facebook, and even before Orkut. Avant interactive was born, a communications start up (before the term was in) dedicated to the digital world.

The agencies soon had its own wingspan and, with the real estate market boom, it started to work with big Brazilian Enterprises, besides the brands in other segments. Little by little, Avant diffused the concept that it believed the most: it's not the Internet that's interactive. It's people that are.

In 2010, Avant decided to go beyond. With the real estate market getting to never seen before numbers, a new team was created, dedicated exclusively to Innovacion. An intelligence cell to bring new concepts of interactivity to its clients, that ended up culminating with the creation of Avant's first platform. From there to the action in it's on platforms in 2014 it was just a jump. From the social media operator, Avant started creating them, amplifying their services.

The results came, and got the attention of an American company, that was looking for their space in the real estate market back. That way, Avant received an unusual proposal: develop, in Brazil, more specifically in Santo André, A platform that would work in the market in the United States.

Avant made it and it worked. In the following year, the agency realized that the natural way would be to have a franchise in the US and went ahead. The new experiences and the new market brought inspiration for more changes. And Avant one more time reinvents itself, detaching itself from the market of the traditional advertising agencies.

The new Avant went way beyond the www. And way beyond the agency. Avant Interactive now is more than that.

It's creative. It's performance. It's consulting. Everything together or separate. Your company and the kind of needs it has have the final word.